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Feasts 2000 years ago – 60AD.

The eve of the Boudiccan revolt, an uprising by the local Celtic Tribe against the Roman oppression.

Christmas as such does not yet exist,  You are in a far North-Western province of Britannia, part of the cruel Roman Empire, the Romans keep Midwinter in their own way.

To the Eceni this time of year, the Midwinter Solstice is a time of great importance, from now on the days will lengthen, the nights become shorter. There may be a hard Winter ahead, but as we hope for an early Spring, we are pray the Gods to send us a good crop of Foals, Lambs and Calves, the wealth of Our Tribe.

We honour Our Tribal Gods, who send Us everything we need, we grow, gather or hunt Our food. Since the Romans came there are exotic, but expensive imported luxuries from Gaul (France) in the form of Grape wine, from far off Judea (Isreal) come Dates, Olives and Figs, imported foods from other Roman provinces are far to expensive for most Eceni Folk.

We are happy with Our native Barley Ale and Honey Wine. Apples and wild Berries gathered this Autumn along with the wild Mushrooms, Nuts and Ramsons (wild Garlic) make Tasty Sauces and Stuffing’s, Geese and Ducks taken from the Marshes, Wild Boar hunted in the ancient woods which still cover most of the Eceni lands give us good meat. Cheese from Our Sheep, Goats and cattle, with Bread from Our “Emmer” Wheat ensure We all do well and eat hearty.

The Eceni are the envy of many other Celtic Tribes in Britannia, Known as the “Cenimagni” or the “Great Eceni / Iceni”.



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